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Vulcan’s Forge Performing Arts Collaborative is the focal point for artists with disabilities, both physical and mental, to have their work presented to the Greater Cincinnati area, while providing an environment where  artists can fellowship.

Vulcan’s Forge is a regional grassroots arts organization that needs local artists and activists, both challenged and unchallenged, to produce and exhibit the talent of the uniquely abled.

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On the Wrong Side of Every Door Podcast

A podcast that is open to exploring the way people feel about either being shut out of society, ushered into places that they don’t want to be, or labeled what they are not. Robert’s commentary is on what the hot topics of inclusion and exclusion are in the world today


As the Curtain Rises

As the Curtain Rises – A look at this week’s theatre scene in Cincinnati


Donald Schlosser

Actor | Director | Producer

Don has been an actor, director, and producer for

Daniel F. Holmes

Executive Assistant

Daniel is an actor, cameraman, and our Executive Assistant

Juan Miller

Co-founder | Executive producer

Juan is the co-founder and executive producer of Vulcan's

Robert Lee Harris

Co-founder | Artist | Activist

Co-founder Robert Harris is a renowned artist and activist. He contracted

Adam Coyne, CPA, has been on the board of directors of

Grace Spencer brings a broad based business background to the Board
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testimonials / What art means to some of our artists

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